Pink Heat™

Convenient. Effective. Family Friendly.

Pink Heat™ Ice Melt contains a blend of naturally occurring granular ice-melt and liquid deicer products, resulting in a high-performance ice-melt safer for use around concrete, asphalt, metal, animals and vegetation.


Pink Heat™ is created through the application of a high-performance liquid deicer to granular ice-melt using “pre-wetting” technology and concepts currently in use by major Government and commercial deicing operations. Through this pre-wetting process, granular ice-melt performs better, melts faster and lasts longer.


The unique color of Pink Heat™ serves as a guide to where and how much has been applied. Usage is generally half as much and half as often as compared with other deicers. The pink color absorbs heat from the sun on cold sunny days to help the melting process.


Do not use on concrete that is less than one year old, or that was not properly mixed, finished, or cured. Flaking or spalling may occur when using any ice-melting product on concrete surfaces, especially those that are poorly constructed, contain porous concrete or act as a mortar joints between bricks and flagstone. When used in these situations, Pink Heat™ should cause less damage than most other deicers and will reduce the number of concrete freeze/thaw cycles, which also greatly contributes to concrete damage.