X-Hesion Pro™


X-Hesion Pro™ is the next generation in our line of proprietary, ultra-low chloride based formulations utilizing agriculturally derived, complex organic polymers.

These polymers function to keep the surfaces of several types of road base stable and dust free while maintaining a road surface that is flexible and water resistant.

X-Hesion Pro™ is an ultra-low chloride based dust control product that helps to limit the amount of chlorides introduced into the environment versus traditional dust palliatives. The enhanced X-Hesion Pro™ formulation is both more effective at drawing/retaining moisture and is more weather resistant. The result is a stronger fine particle – aggregate matrix that reduces dust to a PM10 standard and yields a road surface that is compact, water resistant and durable.

A Program That’s Focused on Your Needs

We take a multi-step consultative approach to develop a program specific to your unique requirements. This program is site specific and tailored to meet your requirements by utilizing a consultative approach where success will be measured by the quality of the results. We are only satisfied when your needs are being met with an overall reduction in costs coupled with improved unpaved road performance and quality.

X-Hesion Pro™ can be used on the following surfaces:

  • Unpaved state, county and township roads
  • Quarries/mine/haul roads
  • Orchards/agricultural roads
  • Federal/state parks
  • Military roads /federal projects
  • Private and rural roads
  • Parking lots
  • Tree/flower/shrub nurseries
  • Airfields and helicopter pads
  • Feedlots