At our core, EnviroTech exists to make travel safer, easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. We are the largest mover of liquid magnesium chloride in the country, as well as a suite of complimentary products, and have invested in transportation capabilities and storage terminals all across the nation. You can rest easy knowing we have the materials to help you maintain your roads.


With a network of production and storage facilities throughout the country, we deliver road solutions wherever and whenever people travel. In fact, we are one of the largest movers of dust and deicing solutions in North America. We’ve invested and reinvested in things like storage, a truck fleet, rail cars, and plants to ensure our products are where they are needed, when they are needed. Our production and storage facilities can hold 150,000 plus tons of road solution products at any given time.


Our reach spans the country
Our storage terminals span the country from Prineveille, Oregon to Randolph, Minnesota to Claymont, DE and everywhere in between. Our experienced team anticipates challenges and navigates supply obstacles with confidence. They rely on years of hands-on experience and our sophisticated Industrial Financial System (IFS) ERP system. It includes several interconnected elements, including: order management, financial controls, inventory controls and manufacturing functionality. That means, we know where our product is, how much we have, and precisely when you can get it on your roads. You can count on technology capabilities, research and development prowess, and validated quality control processes for high-quality road solutions when and where you need them most.