Oxy Chemicals Partnership

At the end of 2010, EnviroTech completed a strategic acquistion of a distributor in Minnesota. This move announced ESI’s intentions to make the Midwestern portion of the U.S. an even larger focus than it had been previously. ESI’s need for increased product volumes coincided with higher demand of our products throughout the country. It was time to find a partner that could continue in the tradition of ESI’s other strategic partners, and help us secure an industry leading product source.

It was in this setting that ESI and Oxy Chemicals, began discussing how the companies could benefit one another. Specifically, how they could impact market by bringing a quality and reliable source of calcium chloride to places it had never reached before. A partnership was formed and has proven to be a classic win/win.

Ranging from county and municipal road maintenance, to site management for mines, to the booming oil & gas industry; the ESI and Oxy partnership is supplying high quality calcium chloride throughout the region. More growth is expected as more and more markets and areas are served by this partnership.