Rocky Mountain Region

The Rocky Mountain region is the original home to EnviroTech Services, Inc. and remains a primary presence within the ESI family. The use of magnesium chloride for both deicing and dust control along Colorado's Front Range was pioneered by EnviroTech. We take pride in our identity as the industry leader within the region and beyond.

Grounded in Innovation
The Rocky Mountain region is no doubt our home. We want to continue to build on our legacy of product innovation and environmental awareness to help our customers in this region meet and exceed their goals. To do that, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve how we serve our market and customers.

Oil, Gas and More
We’re focused on serving the evolving needs of the fast-growing oil and gas, fracking, mining, and construction markets in the region. We know that these booming industries are vital to the success of the Rocky Mountain region’s economy today and in the future.

We’re innovating and driving performance in our dust control, deicing, and soil stabilization products. Our efforts are improving capabilities and reducing the environmental impact of commodities, such as magnesium chloride used for deicing and dust control.