Committed to Our Environment & Community

At EnviroTech, we believe our natural world should be celebrated, studied and preserved. Following these guideposts, our products and practices go beyond industry standards for environmental sensitivity. We continually strive to raise the bar in our industry in everything we do.

Sustainability for generations

Driven by innovation, our road solutions (deicing, anti-icing, dust control, soil stabilization, and erosion control products and services) make travel and exploration safer. Not only that, they are designed and optimized to perform better while using less. The result is a better value for customers AND less impact on the environment. By using our products, trees, vegetation, and water resources are left more preserved. In doing that, we’re working to support environmental sustainability and are helping to bring communities together for generations to come.

Impacting our community

We feel strongly about living our commitment to the environment and the community. Dating back to our roots in 1989, we’ve been active participants and contributors in our communities. Here’s a quick sampling of some of our outreach work:

Donating Time and Money for Local Housing Needs

By working together, EnviroTech Services employees reached a goal of $10,000 towards the building of a new home for a family in need. The Outreach Committee and Roger Knoph are very proud of everyone who helped support this effort by donating time, money or both.

Supporting Local Education

Through the Better Schools Better Community program, we’ve adopted Shawsheen Elementary School. By partnering with Shawsheen, we’ve provided financial support as well as conducted summer science camps, reaching 500-plus students. This effort was even recognized by the Greeley Chamber of Commerce.

Donating and Delivering for Local Food Needs

Our employees volunteer with Weld County Food Bank. In addition, many of our employees volunteer during the school year to deliver food prepared by WCFB to the youth at Boys & Girls Club twice a week.

Serving on the Board for the Local Boys & Girls Club Chapter

Roger Knoph, EnviroTech’s President, and our employees actively support the Weld County Boys and Girls Club. Roger serves on the Board of Directors along with Chuck Dickson, General Legal Counsel. EnviroTech Services was recently a major sponsor in the Annual Raffle-Auction-Dinner event which provides significant funding for the club’s programs.

To learn more about our involvement, contact EnviroTech Services today!