Minimize Clay Swell and Fine Migration

Maximize oil and gas production in your hydraulic fracturing with our high performing clay stabilization product! Combined with your fracking fluids, PerfSaver helps to maintain the integrity of your fracture networks to ensure maximum well productivity.

The addition of liquid PerfSaver to frac make-up water simplifies your process compared to dissolving solid clay stabilizers. The PerfSaver helps minimize clay swelling and swelling-induced fine migration in order to preserve fracture and matrix permeability.


  • Reduce Costs
  • Maximize Oil and Gas Production
  • Minimize Risk of Well Impairment
  • Compatible with Frac Make-up Water

The EnviroTech Research & Development lab can analyze your well cuttings, inform your drilling personnel if clay stabilizer is needed, and if so, provide the optimal composition of clay stabilizer in the drilling fluid.