In our lab and in the field, we capture data to continuously improve, adapt, & evolve. At EnviroTech, we put in countless hours in the laboratory, and in the field, to drive innovation in everything we do.

Our R&D teams work every day to crystallize new application techniques and retool proven methodologies to tackle road challenges. When it comes to providing road solutions, you need a partner that is passionate about solving complex problems in new and profound ways.

The Research & Development Process at a Glance

During R&D we start by dissecting a problem in unique ways. Then, we test our assumptions and re-work our solutions to enhance product performance. When you work with EnviroTech, you can expect the following features and benefits:






We systematically launch concepts proven in the lab and by field testing with customers. We use a "solution based approach" that focuses on solving a problem, rather than developing a product.


Our road solutions are consistently more efficient. This means you get more value for your investment. Solution performance is tested, re-tested, and results are delivered.

The Environment

Because our products work better, you use less. That saves money and mitigates negative effects to the environment, like vegetation and trees. Take our durablend™ product; it achieves the same performance as a typical magnesium chloride treatment but requires half the amount per application.


By centering on your success, product performance and the environment, we deliver results in ways no one else can. It is our imperative to find a better way and we strive for continuous improvement in everything that we do. That translates to better value for customers.

Quality Control

In our lab, Quality Control is a top priority. In addition to various wet chemistry testing methods, we employ technologies such as Ion Chromatography and Spectroscopy to give a complete breakdown of what is in each compound or product we're testing. We test both incoming raw materials and outbound products to ensure properties are identified and quality and consistency is optimized.


Partnerships with industry veterans such as several Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies and environmental leaders like Vaisala give us better leverage for tackling complex challenges. Vaisala is a partner and pioneer in environmental and industrial measurement. The company's measurement products capture indicators like humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide, moisture, and pressure. With reliable measurements and techniques we are refining lab processes, driving efficiency, minimizing energy usage, and as a result delivering higher-quality products.

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