Inroducing BetterBrine – A pre-blended enhanced salt brine powered by AMP®

BetterBrine is one of EnviroTech’s latest product releases and is bringing our usual product quality to salt brine additives. Amplify the performance of your anti-icing and deicing program by choosing BetterBrine, the optimized and pre-blended salt brine with AMP! With BetterBrine, roads can be treated both before and during a storm to reduce snow and ice buildup and preserve road safety. With 50% more melting capacity, BetterBrine significantly outshines the competition. And BetterBrine Pro, which is salt brine with 20% AMP, lowers salt brine’s working temperature (1:1 freeze point) from 18°F to 10°F, protecting your roads in the coldest temperatures.