The same trusted DuraBlend product with magnesium and enhanced polymers for low-temp applications

DuraBlend has been modified so that it can be applied in lower temperatures. This has significance for counties that apply dust control early in the spring and late in the fall. DuraBlend-MEP is magnesium chloride based with enhancing polymers, which reduces chlorides leaching into the environment.

What sets DuraBlend-MEP Apart?

  • Absorbs Faster: 80% faster absorption time
  • Reduces Chlorides Leaching into the Environment: Magnesium chloride based with enhancing polymers
  • Same Dust Control: Same as standard chloride, resulting in seamless transition from your current dust control product and program
  • Application Rate Match: Typically matches the current application rate between 0.20 and 0.30 gallons per square yard
  • Same Road Preparation: Uninterrupted application method to current product and program

DuraBlend-MEP achieves the same performance as a typical chloride treatment, but can require half the amount of product per application. DuraBlend-MEP’s enhanced polymer blend helps it bond to the aggregate, lowering migration of chloride from the road to improve friction in moisture situations and provide for safer driving surfaces.