A completely biodegradable and water-soluble liquid ballasting solution

Calcium Chloride Redux: An environmentally safe substitute for Calcium Chloride, Bio-Ballast is a completely biodegradable and water-soluble liquid ballasting solution. The solution increases tire traction and pulling power for vehicles and machines. Originally developed exclusively for tire companies in the Pacific Northwest, Bio-Ballast is also effective in providing counterbalance and weight equalization in vehicles for better stability. We acquired this innovative liquid product because our product and development team was thrilled about getting in the lab to investigate and optimize the solution for our larger customer base.

Why Bio-Ballast? Because Bio-Ballast is biodegradable it is completely safe to use around humans, animals and plants. It is formulated to coat the inside of tires and wheels and will not cause rust or rim failure, keeping the inner liner of the tire soft. These characteristics make the product the perfect alternative for agriculture and industrial uses.