Keeping Dust Grounded

Dirt, gravel, or unpaved runways, taxi-ways, access roads

Foreign Object Debris (FOD), which includes fugitive dust and larger debris such as gravel, can cause major damage to aircrafts. It can impact and abrade aircraft fuselage, propellers, tires and engine components leading to increased damage, lower component life expectancy and increased repair costs and frequency. Warranties are typically not offered for aircrafts operating on gravel/unpaved runways, so it is in the best interest of airlines and runway owners to limit their liabilities by investing in an effective dust and stabilization control palliative program which adequately controls FOD.

Products and Programs

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-chloride
  • Soil stabilizing
  • Dust suppressing

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DuraSynth is an organic synthetic product that is engineered to penetrate unpaved surfaces and effectively coat and bind fugitive dust and fi nes through cohesive mechanisms. DuraSynth effectively wets the soil creating a long term, reworkable surface that coats and weighs down the particulates without evaporating, leaching or freezing. It is an effective and environmentally friendly dust abatement system that allows for the conservation of water and other resources that would be used in applying more traditional dust control products.

Benefits & Features

  • Chloride free
  • Organic & biodrgradable
  • Stays on the road longer than traditional dust control products
  • Works in all climates
  • Reworkable, improving the quality of the road
  • Does not require water or pre-wetting
  • Reduces the consumption of energy resources
  • Binds the soil and water together

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