A state-of-the-art anti-icing, deicing and frost prevention liquid product

Unlike many non-chloride products, Apogee is not acetate based—making it the perfect product for areas where acetates are prohibited. Apogee can be applied in a standard steam line pattern or through automated spray systems. Apogee was designed to maintain a lower viscosity, which enables it to perform at low temperatures and still maintain spray patterns through Bridge Spray Systems or Fixed Automated Spray Technology.

Apogee performs well across the entire temperature range and features a significantly lower corrosion rate, scoring 13.9% on the PNS scale. Unlike acetate based products, it does not aggressively attack galvanized metals. Apogee’s viscosity allows it to flow at low temperatures, maintain spray patterns and stay on the road longer. Apogee will not dry out after a storm and “dust off”; it actually helps reduce dust from abrasives and other roadway contaminants.