Effective for road maintenance as well as mining, oil & gas

DuraBlend-C achieves the same performance as a typical chloride treatment, but can require half the amount of product per application. DuraBlend-C’s enhanced polymer blend helps it bond to the aggregate, lowering migration of chloride from the road to improve friction in moisture situations and provide for safer driving surfaces.

Road preparation for DuraBlend-C application is the same as for a typical chloride product, including rolling after grading is finished. This process provides for optimal surface penetration of DuraBlend-C into the top half inch of the road and improves fleet efficiency.

This product is applied to roads using the standard spray system, but can cover twice as much area per truck load than full chloride products. It does not require blade mixing to extend performance. Continual use reduces road base loss and improves the efficiency of the fleet, reducing man hours.