The same trusted DuraBlend product with CALCIUM and enhanced polymers

The same trusted DuraBlend product you know and love with a slight addition of enhanced polymers. A dust control product that reduces chlorides into the environment and maintains quality and customer application. DuraBlend-CEP is calcium chloride based with enhancing polymers, which reduces chlorides leaching into the environment.

What sets DuraBlend-CEP Apart?

  • Absorbs Faster: 80% faster absorption time
  • Reduces Chlorides Leaching into the Environment: Calcium chloride based with enhancing polymers
  • Same Dust Control: Same as standard chloride, resulting in seamless transition from your current dust control product and program
  • Application Rate Match: Typically matches the current application rate between 0.20 and 0.30 gallons per square yard
  • Same Road Preparation: Uninterrupted application method to current product and program