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Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development, and construction. When we use the word erosion, we are speaking about the detachment of soil, sediment, or rock fragments caused by water, wind, ice, or gravity. Erosion control is important for many construction activities, including removal of protective vegetation or ground cover, excavation, grading, land filling, stock piling of dirt or fill materials, and dewatering.

Nearly all city and state municipalities have ordinances in place to minimize the amount of sediment and other pollutants carried by runoff or discharged into our lakes, streams, and wetlands. The possibility of erosion affecting public storm sewers as well as rights-of-way in towns and cities is a concern that prompts inspectors to take notice of erosion control measures.

All contractors have a responsibility if they are affecting erosion. The goal of an erosion control product is to provide abilities that fit the environment in which erosion is occurring. Following three principles to control erosion: use land according to its capability, protect the soil surface with some form of cover, and control runoff before it develops into an erosive force, EnviroTech Services will work with customers to provide a solution to any given environmental erosion situation.


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