Introducing BaseBind-X, EnviroTech’s newest soil stabilization line of products. BaseBind-X can be mixed into a variety of road bases. Mix with water on sight and BaseBind-X can be offered in two other variations, 2X and 3X, variations which can be used as freight saving formulas.

BaseBind-X keeps the road materials on your roads and keep you from having to constantly add more material to grading your roads after wet weather. BaseBind-X products allow the road to be repaired, reworked or graded without destroying the effectiveness of the stabilizers.

GOOD: Basebind-X – Proprietary Blend

  • Proprietary blend formula for superior road stabilization
  • Ready to apply formula

BETTER: Basebind-2X – Concentrate

  • Proprietary blend formula for superior road stabilization
  • Concentrated version of BaseBind-X
  • Can be stored in tanks or totes
  • Mix with equal parts of water before application

BEST: Basebind-3X – Super Concentrate

  • Proprietary blend formula for superior road stabilization
  • Super concentrated version of BaseBind-X
  • Can be stored in tanks or totes
  • Mix with up to four parts water before application


Client Testimonial:

– Monte Hankins, County Superintendent for Elbert County, Colorado


RoadSaver is a high purity grade of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) used as a dust control and road stabilization agent

RoadSaver is a hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. Roadsaver binds fine dust and aggregate to keep surfaces stable and dust free.

  • Used on cities, counties and haul roads
  • Feed lots
  • Construction areas


An odorless and colorless brine solution that can be used as a cost effective dust palliative and road stabilizer

The natural hygroscopic properties of RoadSaver®-C aids in retaining moisture and significantly improve dust control and support soil stabilization. RoadSaver®-C acts as a binder that holds fine particles and aggregate together resulting in a hard compact surface. The following four factors work together to achieve optimum results:

  • Quality and Composition of Aggregate
  • Road Prep
  • Compaction
  • Application rate

Dust Control
Topical Applications work well for dust control needs. Application rates are determined by the concentration of the calcium chloride, the aggregate used, climate, and the amount of traffic. Treated roads hold fines longer and promote compaction resulting in lower maintenance. Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in assessing your road conditions and application needs.

Road Stabilization
For stabilization, the application methods can vary, depending on climate, road base, budgetary concerns and equipment. Our sales staff is up to date on the latest methods and will work with you to create a stabilization program. Stabilization applications can be used prior to chip seals or asphalt overlays to create a longer lasting surface.

Environmentally Friendly
Treated roads produce less dust, leading to improved public safety, lower impact on nearby crops and higher air quality for local residents. RoadSaver®-C (calcium chloride) is one of the most environmentally friendly dust control agents on the market, receiving the lowest toxicity rating among dust abatement products.



Road surface preparation is extremely important in all application techniques. However, these preparations do not need to be time consuming or costly. The better the road conditions, the more successful the application will be. The following four factors work together to achieve optimum results:

  • Quality and composition of aggregate
  • Road preparation
  • Compaction
  • Application rate

Features & Benefits

  • Allows for cleaner air and reduces dust to PM10 Standard
  • Improves road quality with fewer potholes and less wash-boarding
  • Ensures public safety
  • Reduces road maintenance while creating more value for the dollar
  • Can be used on many soil types