One of EnviroTech’s latest product releases is bringing our usual product quality to salt brine additives

Because salt brine alone is prone to drying out and being swept from the road’s surface, they have very identifiable performance limitations. AMP increases how effectively the product bonds to the surface and creates safer road conditions. It also boosts melting power by lowering the product’s freezing point (1:1) from 18℉ to 11℉, and decreases corrosion by 70% as compared to rock salt. AMP has undergone extensive testing to validate its effectiveness and clearly define how it is best utilized. Download the brochure and contact us to learn more about how this innovative product can enhance your salt brine program.

“The advantage we found using AMP® over previous additives was our old brine mix worked well for anti-icing but not deicing. We started using Better Brine Pro with 20% AMP®. Now, we have a true dual-purpose liquid product that we can apply before or during an event with enough residual and melting capacity to take care of the nuisance snows.”

-Eric Prochnow, President of Kon Solutions, Bloomington, IL