When your customers demand safe, environmentally sound solutions that work without aggravation, Envirotech’s line up of exceptional products is the natural choice.

From retailers, to hospitals, from OEM’s to industrial facilities, from landscapers to water treatment plants, ESI has you covered. Whatever segment you serve ESI will find you a solution. Solids that make travel safe, liquids that enhance your product or service, all designed with one thing in mind; you, your customer, everyone’s safety and of course the environment.

Differentiating your value proposition is important to ESI. For over 30 years we’ve worked hard on ours so you can go to market with confidence knowing that what you offer from ESI, works. Along the way, as partners we all reap the rewards of a satisfied customer.


One of EnviroTech’s latest product releases is bringing our usual product quality to salt brine additives

Because salt brine alone is prone to drying out and being swept from the road’s surface, they have very identifiable performance limitations. AMP increases how effectively the product bonds to the surface and creates safer road conditions. It also boosts melting power by lowering the product’s freezing point (1:1) from 18℉ to 11℉, and decreases corrosion by 70% as compared to rock salt. AMP has undergone extensive testing to validate its effectiveness and clearly define how it is best utilized. Download the brochure and contact us to learn more about how this innovative product can enhance your salt brine program.


A state-of-the-art anti-icing, deicing and frost prevention liquid product

Unlike many non-chloride products, Apogee is not acetate based—making it the perfect product for areas where acetates are prohibited. Apogee can be applied in a standard steam line pattern or through automated spray systems. Apogee was designed to maintain a lower viscosity, which enables it to perform at low temperatures and still maintain spray patterns through Bridge Spray Systems or Fixed Automated Spray Technology.

Apogee performs well across the entire temperature range and features a significantly lower corrosion rate, scoring 13.9% on the PNS scale. Unlike acetate based products, it does not aggressively attack galvanized metals. Apogee’s viscosity allows it to flow at low temperatures, maintain spray patterns and stay on the road longer. Apogee will not dry out after a storm and “dust off”; it actually helps reduce dust from abrasives and other roadway contaminants.


Inroducing BetterBrine – A pre-blended enhanced salt brine powered by AMP®

BetterBrine is one of EnviroTech’s latest product releases and is bringing our usual product quality to salt brine additives. Amplify the performance of your anti-icing and deicing program by choosing BetterBrine, the optimized and pre-blended salt brine with AMP! With BetterBrine, roads can be treated both before and during a storm to reduce snow and ice buildup and preserve road safety. With 50% more melting capacity, BetterBrine significantly outshines the competition. And BetterBrine Pro, which is salt brine with 20% AMP, lowers salt brine’s working temperature (1:1 freeze point) from 18°F to 10°F, protecting your roads in the coldest temperatures.

Calcium Chloride

An odorless and colorless salt solution that can be used for both road treatment and industrial purposes

Primary applications include deicing and dust control for roads, but is also used as a concrete additive, an anti-freeze, and is often used in oilfield applications. It is available in a variety of concentrations and package types.

Deicing/Anti-icing – Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) provides effective deicing/anti-icing when applied either before or after a snow or ice storm. When used prior, it inhibits the bonding of snow and ice to the pavement, making it easier for snowplows to clear roads down to bare pavement. When used as a deicing product, Calcium Chloride will quickly begin to melt snow and ice breaking the bond to achieve a clear surface. In addition, Calcium Chloride in its dry form begins the brine process quickly to achieve a quick burn to melt accumulated snow and ice.

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) delivers solid performance in liquid and dry form — its’ exothermic quality causes it to release heat during the chemical reaction. It is also hygroscopic: it draws in moisture and resists evaporation. These two key factors make it a versatile product for year-round maintenance programs in snow removal, dust control, and industrial purposes.

MeltDown Apex®

The only liquid anti-icing and deicing product that delivers unmatched melting performance at lower temperatures

MeltDown Apex delivers a 12°F improvement in freeze point over any other liquid deicer. This performance enhanced magnesium chloride (MgCl2) brine not only produces results at lower temperatures, it also improves the ability to combat snow and ice buildup on road surfaces. Apex can be used as a stand-alone product or blended with salt to expedite snow and ice melt and enhance traction.

For anti-icing applications, the enhanced melting capacity of Apex provides longer cycle times between routes by decreasing snow pack buildup and improving snow removal by plow, therefore decreasing your costs.

For deicing, applied in a stream pattern, Apex quickly penetrates vertically through the snow pack and breaks the bond at the road surface.

MeltDown® Liquid

A high performance magnesium chloride (MgCl2) anti-icer and deicer that delivers longer lasting performance

MeltDown Liquid has a low eutectic point that works effectively in a broad variety of temperature ranges. Its exceedingly high ability to dilute and hold water before refreezing improves the all-weather performance of this product.  Additionally, MeltDown Liquid is among the least harmful of common deicers to vegetation and groundwater according to independent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  It is non-irritating and safer to handle and less harmful to road surfaces and metals when used as recommended.

MeltDown Liquid is also offered as a corrosion inhibited product: MeltDown AP, MeltDown with Shield AP and MeltDown Inhibited.

MeltDown AP, or MeltDown Liquid with Shield AP,  has been approved by the PNS as a qualified product.

Nature’s Best®

A blend of natural granular and liquid deicer products, safe for concrete, asphalt, metal, animals and vegetation

Nature’s Best is created through the application of a high-performance liquid deicer to granular ice-melt using “pre-wetting” technology and concepts currently in use by major government and commercial deicing operations. Through this pre-wetting process, granular ice-melt performs better, melts faster and lasts longer.

For best results, remove any existing loose snow and slush from driveways, steps and walkways prior to application of ice-melt. Evenly sprinkle Nature’s Best on desired surfaces. Melting should begin immediately. Once snow and ice have sufficiently melted, shovel off slush. Thick accumulations may require additional application. Nature’s Best may also be kept in cars and trucks for use any time when traction is needed.

Unique color enhances performance. The unique color of Nature’s Best serves as a guide to where and how much has been applied. Usage is generally half as much and half as often as compared with other deicers. The blue color absorbs heat from the sun on cold sunny days to help the melting process.

Do not use on concrete that is less than one year old, or that was not properly mixed, finished, or cured. Flaking or spalling may occur when using any ice-melting product on concrete surfaces, especially those that are poorly constructed, contain porous concrete or act as a mortar joints between bricks and flagstone. When used in these situations, Nature’s Best should cause less damage than most other deicers and will reduce the number of concrete freeze/thaw cycles, which also greatly contributes to concrete damage.

Nature’s Blend

An ice slicer brand deicer

Snowplow crews from Alaska to Texas rely on Ice Slicer® brand deicer to keep roadways safe without harsh chemicals. Ice Slicer Nature’s Blend brings the same performance to homeowners – gentle enough to use around kids and pets, but powerful enough to melt ice in the toughest winter storm.

Ice Slicer’s natural blend of minerals and complex chlorides is up to 30% less corrosive than white salt deicers. It melts snow and ice better, even in the coldest temperatures.

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Powerfully accelerates the melting performance of your granular salt, particularly at colder temperatures

SOS is designed to reduce leaching in stock piles, especially in higher humidity conditions, allowing you to pre-treat stock piles in any season. This creates the ability to prepare materials well in advance and plan more effectively for winter operations.

Treating a stock pile with 6-10 gallons of SOS per ton of granular material powerfully enhances the performance of your salt stock pile, particularly at colder temperatures. SOS can be applied to a stock pile in advance or as it is being delivered. Treating the entire stock pile prior to application to the roadway eliminates the need for pre-wetting saddle tanks.

We can provide you with the SOS liquid allowing you to treat your own salt. As an alternative for those customers without the equipment to treat their own stockpiles, EnviroTech has a Mobile Salt Treatment Unit that provides this as a convenient service.

For more information on this product, download the brochure or contact us directly.

SOS® Treated Salt

Deicing salt enhanced with Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)

Available in the Mid-Atlantic region, SOS Treated Salt combines the benefits of liquid magnesium chloride with white salt used for deicing.

  • Permits the use of salt at lower temperatures
  • Increases the speed and effectiveness of salt
  • Reduces the effects of corrosion
  • Aids in the prevention of freezing or “clumping”
  • Reduced bounce and scatter
  • Diminishes leaching in stockpiles


A full chloride product most prominent for dust control and road stabilization in North America

DuraBlend achieves the same performance as a typical magnesium chloride treatment, but can require half the amount of product per application. DuraBlend’s enhanced polymer blend helps it bond to the aggregate, lowering migration of chloride from the road to improve friction in moisture situations and provide for safer driving surfaces.

With more scrutiny coming from local municipalities and concerns of neighbors makes products that reduce chlorides advantageous in managing these relationships.

Road preparation for DuraBlend application is the same as for a typical chloride product, including rolling after grading is finished. This process provides for optimal surface penetration of DuraBlend into the top half inch of the road and improves fleet efficiency. When a pad or site is being set up, the application of DuraBlend can greatly ease dust management, once operations begin.

DuraBlend is applied to roads using the standard spray system, but can cover twice as much area per truck load than full chloride products. It does not require blade mixing to extend performance. Continual use reduces road base loss and improves the efficiency of the fleet, reducing man hours.


Effective for road maintenance as well as mining, oil & gas

DuraBlend-C achieves the same performance as a typical chloride treatment, but can require half the amount of product per application. DuraBlend-C’s enhanced polymer blend helps it bond to the  aggregate, lowering migration of chloride from the road to improve friction in moisture situations and provide for safer driving surfaces.

Road preparation for DuraBlend-C application is the same as for a typical chloride product, including rolling after grading is finished. This process provides for optimal surface penetration of DuraBlend-C into the top half inch of the road and improves fleet efficiency.

This product is applied to roads using the standard spray system, but can cover twice as much area per truck load than full chloride products. It does not require blade mixing to extend performance. Continual use reduces road base loss and improves the efficiency of the fleet, reducing man hours.



DuraRenu allows you to be environmentally conscious without having to pay more. This innovative product contains performance enhancing organic polymers and proprietary humectants which keep the surface stable and dust free while using zero chlorides. DuraRenu works by binding the road surface particles together creating a denser, firmer road cap and eliminating the sliding hazards of loose dirt and gravel. DuraRenu absorbs quickly, thereby eliminating long road closures and operational headaches. DuraRenu is fully biodegradable and does not leach into the surrounding environment, making it a truly ecologically sound solution to dust suppression.

Benefits & Features

  • Fast Acting: No need to close road, results almost immediate, usable with most soil types
  • Binding: Safer roads and driving conditions, longer lasting road stabilization, improved surface durability
  • Low Chloride: Better public relations, safe for a variety of environmentally sensitive areas


  • Brochure coming soon!


RoadSaver is a high purity grade of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) used as a dust control and road stabilization agent

RoadSaver is a hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. Roadsaver binds fine dust and aggregate to keep surfaces stable and dust free.

  • Used on cities, counties and haul roads
  • Feed lots
  • Construction areas

X-Hesion® Pro

Ultra-low chloride based formulations utilizing agriculturally derived, complex organic polymer

These polymers function to keep the surfaces of several types of road base stable and dust free while maintaining a road surface that is flexible and water resistant. X-Hesion Pro is an ultra-low chloride based dust control product that helps to limit the amount of chlorides introduced into the environment versus traditional dust palliatives. The enhanced X-Hesion Pro formulation is both more effective at drawing/retaining moisture and is more weather resistant. The result is a stronger fine particle – aggregate matrix that reduces dust to a PM10 standard and yields a road surface that is compact, water resistant and durable.

Road surface preparation is extremely important in all application techniques. However, these preparations do not need to be time consuming or costly. The better the road conditions, the more successful the application will be.

The following four factors work together to achieve optimum results:

  1. Quality and Composition of Aggregate
  2. Road Preparation
  3. Compaction
  4. Application

X-Hesion Pro can be used on the following surfaces:

  • Unpaved state, county and township roads
  • Quarries/mine/haul roads
  • Orchards/agricultural roads
  • Federal/state parks
  • Military roads /federal projects
  • Private and rural roads
  • Parking lots
  • Tree/flower/shrub nurseries
  • Airfields and helicopter pads
  • Feedlots

Ballast Seal

A sealant for ballasted tires, improving performance and life cycle

Liquid ballasting in tires has been a popular alternative to steel weights for years. Now with Ballast Seal, you can effectively seal your ballasted tires.

Ballast Seal in a 30:1 mixture with Bio-Ballast® provides the ability to seal punctures 1/4” or less as well as ballasting your tires to improve their performance and life cycle. Ballast Seal provides protection from loss of ballast and also maintains optimum tire pressure. Ballast Seal pumps through the valve stem and is designed to be used with Bio-Ballast.

Ballast Seal is freeze and slush free down to –30°F when mixed with Bio-Ballast.


A completely biodegradable and water-soluble liquid ballasting solution

Calcium Chloride Redux: An environmentally safe substitute for Calcium Chloride, Bio-Ballast is a completely biodegradable and water-soluble liquid ballasting solution. The solution increases tire traction and pulling power for vehicles and machines. Originally developed exclusively for tire companies in the Pacific Northwest, Bio-Ballast is also effective in providing counterbalance and weight equalization in vehicles for better stability. We acquired this innovative liquid product because our product and development team was thrilled about getting in the lab to investigate and optimize the solution for our larger customer base.

Why Bio-Ballast? Because Bio-Ballast is biodegradable it is completely safe to use around humans, animals and plants. It is formulated to coat the inside of tires and wheels and will not cause rust or rim failure, keeping the inner liner of the tire soft. These characteristics make the product the perfect alternative for agriculture and industrial uses.

To learn more about how we can help in your industrial or commercial market, contact EnviroTech Services to get started!