EnviroTech Services (ETS) attributes a large portion of our success to the partnerships we have built over the years. We appreciate every one of our outstanding partners, and continue to pursue mutual success with these outstanding organizations.

From large cross regional partnerships to local distributors, ETS actively collaborates with all partners in finding new opportunities and continually improving service to our customers. We thank each of them for their participation in our success.


In the mid 1990’s, ETS attended the Western Snow & Ice show in Estes Park, CO. As fate would have it, our booth was placed next door to a company that owned and operated a salt mine out of Redmond, UT. Primarily focused on consumption grade materials related to their mineral rich sea salt; Redmond Inc. was looking to diversify their offering by getting into road solutions. ETS—even at that early stage—was looking to bring unique and value add products to the road solutions industry and saw the possibility for a partnership. The rest, as they say, is history.

For the last 20 years, ETS has taken the Ice Slicer® line of products throughout the country, raising the standard for road salt for the entire industry. With the unparalleled performance of the Ice Slicer® line of products and ETS’s ability to deliver product for storm events, demand continues to reach new heights year after year. Click here to learn more about Redmond Inc. and the Ice Slicer® line of products.


In the early 2000’s, EnviroTech was contacted by Intrepid, operating out of Western Utah, to handle magnesium chloride. At the time, neither ETS nor Intrepid could have foreseen that this was the beginning of a partnership that would become a major source of magnesium chloride for road solutions in the United States. It was when Intrepid Potash sought to acquire and refurbish a plant for sulfated potash in Wendover, UT, that the partnership took its current form.

Magnesium chloride is a natural and necessary byproduct in the production of potash, so Intrepid would need more than a distributor. They would need a long-term partner they could rely on to handle this important aspect of their business. At the same time, ETS was developing more and more of its own proprietary product formulations for treating roads, and also needed a reliable partner. It was this meeting of minds that has allowed for such a powerful partnership to flourish in the last decade. At this point, both companies are essential to the operation and success of the other and look forward to continued success.


At the end of 2010, EnviroTech completed a strategic acquisition of a distributor in Minnesota. This move announced ETS’s intentions to make the Midwestern portion of the U.S. an even larger focus than it had been previously. ETS’s need for increased product volumes coincided with higher demand of our products throughout the country. It was time to find a partner that could continue in the tradition of ETS’s other strategic partners and help us secure an industry leading product source.

It was in this setting that ETS and Oxy Chemicals, began discussing how the companies could benefit one another. Specifically, how they could impact market by bringing a quality and reliable source of calcium chloride to places it had never reached before. A partnership was formed and has proven to be a classic win/win.

Ranging from county and municipal road maintenance, to site management for mines, to the booming oil & gas industry; the ETS and Oxy partnership is supplying high quality calcium chloride throughout the region. More growth is expected as more and more markets and areas are served by this partnership.


Nebraska Salt and Grain is an important distributor of several ETS products throughout our Rocky Mountain region.


Desert Mountain is a long time and highly valued distribution partner for ETS throughout both our West and Rocky Mountain regions. Click here to learn more about Desert Mountain.

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