Oil & Gas Wastewater as a Dust Control Agent: New Product Source or Empty Trend?

The domestic Oil and Gas boom has had the number of active drilling pads soar to near record levels and, prior to the softening market, had the US projected to be the largest crude producer in the world in 2015 (courtesy: dailyreckoner.com). One of the effects of the boom has been a proliferation of wastewater, and an understandable urge to put this material to use. On the surface, O&G wastewater has appeared to be a viable agent for application on roads and pads for the purposes of dust control, as it contains a significant level of sodium chloride.

While attractive as a way to address road and pad needs with a readily available operating byproduct, it is important that this new trend be scientifically vetted. Unfortunately the wastewater coming out of wells does not hold up as a viable product option. Here’s why.

A basic, but often overlooked, aspect of effective dust control relates to what happens to water on a roadway. All effective dust control is based on keeping the road moist, as this is what binds the dust and prevents it from shooting into the air. Magnesium chloride and Calcium chloride are effective agents, and industry standards, because both molecules are hygroscopic, meaning they have a very high affinity for water. This also means that they both have a wide range of temperature and humidity levels at which they will remain liquid. Additionally, they both attract moisture from the atmosphere, furthering their effectiveness.

Sodium chloride, on the other hand, is not hygroscopic. It may be a chloride, but it does not share the affinity for moisture that its cousins do, and, therefore, will not contribute to the moisture of the road. Here’s a practical example of this scientific fact in action. After a snow storm when paved roads are salted with straight white salt, the salt melts into a brine and serves to melt the snow and ice. From there, however, the water from the brine evaporates once temperatures warm up again (because NaCl is not hygroscopic) leaving a film of white salt crystals on the ground (notice how strikingly apparent this after your next snow event). Those crystals then contribute to dust after the storm. This dynamic will play out on unpaved roads just as easily as it does on paved roads.  The water from the wastewater will evaporate and the salt crystals will actually become part of the problem that users are trying to solve. The truth is, any material of this sort will need at least 23% of its volume to be MgCl2 or CaCl2 to be an effect dust control agent.

Everyone likes a quick and convenient solution to their problems. In this case, however, the quick and easy way will actually make things worse, not better. As always, thanks for reading and please reach out to learn more!

EnviroTech Exhibiting at 2015 SME Conference – Denver, CO – February 15-18

EnviroTech Services, Inc. will be exhibiting at the SME Annual Conference and Expo 2015, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. The conference occurs on February 15th through 18th.  http://www.smeannualconference.com/

With EnviroTech’s understanding of the challenges facing mining and ore processing plants, we will be presenting on:

  • Road Dust Control
  • Freeze Conditioning and Side Release
  •  Water Conservation
  • Compact and Cap® and Soil Stabilization
  • Belt Deicer
  • Stockpile Control

Among the blend of proprietary products ESI has available for each of these needs, the method of approaching the macro issues facing mines is being addressed through recently developed programs. Highlighted among these macro topics is the growing emphasis on water conversation, from both internal and external parties. Using the proprietary product, X-Hesion Pro™, ESI has developed a Water Conservation program that directly addresses reducing water usage, while maintaining performance.

Additionally, ESI is expanding into international markets, as our domestic growth continues. With our expertise in logistics, and our diverse product suites, we have the ability to meet needs throughout the world.

For information on these programs, our products, or any other inquiries, please visit us at the show or reach out to us directly. http://envirotechservices.com/contact/

EnviroTech Services, Inc. Receives Trademark Approval For Compact & Cap™

EnviroTech Services, Inc., an industry leader in road solutions, is pleased to announce the successful trademark registration of Compact & Cap™, its proprietary approach to extending the life and effectiveness of treated dirt roads, construction sites, drilling pads, laydown yards and other areas requiring dust abatement.

Greeley, Colorado, December 9, 2014:  On October 8, 2014, the US Patent and Trademark Office delivered Notice of Publication to ESI regarding its application for the Compact & Cap™ program. In addition to granting Trademark status, the review period occurred without comment. ESI will continue to proactively promote this proprietary program for its customers and within its various markets.

Originally designed to address the treatment of roads for users with significant equipment limitations, the Compact & Cap™ program has evolved into a customized approach to maximizing the effectiveness of efforts in treating roads by combining stabilization and dust control within a single, and complimented program.

The primary benefits and characteristics of the Compact & Cap™ program include:

– Site Specific and Customized

– Optimization through consulting and technical analysis

– Addressing both stabilization and dust control needs within a single program

– Results met as defined by user’s specific requirements

– Markedly improves results for site lacking optimal soil quality or road preparation

To learn more about Compact & Cap™ or inquire about a customized program, contact ESI at the number below to by visiting http://envirotechservices.com/dust-control-soil-stabilization/compact-cap/

About EnviroTech Services, Inc.

Founded in 1989 with over 100 employees across the US, EnviroTech Services, Inc. has forged its identity as an innovator and industry leader in road solutions. Additionally, ESI is focused on continuing growth and expansion into traditionally associated as well as new and diverse markets, subsidiaries, and ventures.


Steve Clark

EnviroTech Services, Inc.


Open Letter: Winter Products Available Now

Dear Valued EnviroTech Services, Inc. and ESI Commercial Customers:

We, too, have heard the forecasts predicting colder than normal temperatures, above average snow fall, and salt shortages for the upcoming winter of 2014-15.  We understand that rock salt may be in short supply this winter and that rock salt mines are working OT to make up for shortages.  However, we at EnviroTech Services, Inc. and ESI Commercial want to let our customers know that we have deicing products available.  Additionally, our various storage facilities, and those of our partners, are working diligently to build inventory for the winter.

We advise that our customers place orders early and fill up their stocks, in order to minimize any possible supply issues. Rest assured that EnviroTech will do everything possible to get our customers their needed products this winter.

EnviroTech has product available at warehouses from Washington to Maryland and throughout much of the rest of the country. We look forward to working with you for another successful winter season of maintaining safe roadways. Please contact us to learn more or place an order.


EnviroTech Services and ESI Commercial

ENVIROTECH SERVICES LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE (http://envirotechservices.com)

Greeley, Colorado (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

“We are excited to have a website that reflects how intently EnviroTech Services is focused on moving forward and bringing excellence to our markets.”
-Roger Knoph, President & CEO


The Industry Leader in Road Solutions

EnviroTech Services, Inc., an industry leader in road solutions, is pleased to introduce its redesigned website; http://envirotechservices.com. With substantial growth, emerging regions, and the proliferation of value add products over the last 5 years, EnviroTech felt it was time to bring the website current to reflect these changes.

Greeley, Colorado, September 8, 2014: Working with marketing and design firm, Graphik Creative,LLC, out of Denver, CO, EnviroTech began the project during the first quarter of 2014, and began a complete overhaul of the site. The primary features of the new site are:

  • Comprehensive representation of EnviroTech’s industry leading suite of dust control, deicing & anti-icing, erosion control, and other road solution products.
  • Updated site structure guiding users through the site based on their region (West, Rocky Mountain, and Midwest), or needed business unit (ESI Commercial, ESI East, Bio Ballast).
  • Integration of EnviroTech’s majority owned subsidiary, Trae-Fuels (http://traefuels.com), a renewable energy manufacturer of wood pellets.
  • Clearly defined markets for the extensive suite of products, including Deicing & Anti-Icing, Dust Control & Soil Stabilization, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Specialty Products.
  • Fully modernized navigation, style, and design, including responsive design, which optimizes for mobile devices.
  • Update to industry standard WordPress platform, allowing for ongoing development and continued optimization.
  • Showcase of ESI’s corporate values and core competencies, including industry leading Research & Development, Quality Assurance, and Infrastructure.
  • Greater targeting of user needs, making the site more intuitive and useful for visitors.

In addition to these substantial and immediate improvements, EnviroTech will continue to develop the site moving forward, ensuring the site continues to reflect ESI’s position as leader in the industry.
About Envirotech Services, Inc.
Founded in 1989 with over 100 employees across the US, EnviroTech Services, Inc. has forged its identity as an innovator and industry leader in road solutions. Additionally, ESI is focused on continuing growth and expansion into traditionally associated as well as new and diverse markets, subsidiaries, and ventures.

EnviroTech Services, Inc. Participates in CCI Conference in Colorado Springs

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is happy to announce its participation last week at the 2012 Colorado Counties, Inc. Winter Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.

This event took place Monday, November 26th-Wednesday, November 28th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO.  Counties throughout the state of Colorado were present at this conference to receive education and information on issues that directly impact county operations. ESI was proud to sponsor a booth at this event to help educate county employees on the benefits of road deicing as well as dust control and dirt road stabilization and maintenance.

If you missed EnviroTech Services at the CCI Conference, you can visit the ESI booth at the Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference and Equipment Show February 27th through March 1st, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver, CO.



In the past, EnviroTech has enjoyed a relationship with Advanced Tire Ballast by being its logistics partner to serve Advanced Tire Ballast’s customers. Envirotech is now pleased to continue serving this very important customer base.

Dave Wayland, the previous owner of Advanced Tire Ballast will join the EnviroTech team and continue to provide guidance and leadership to this venture. To place future orders please continue to call Dave at 360/802-9156 or the Envirotech Order Fulfillment Team at 800-577-5346.

With the resources of EnviroTech behind him, customer service will be a top priority. EnviroTech has a strong presence nationwide including facilities in Prineville-OR, Evans-CO, Randolph- MN, Post Falls-ID, and Sunnyside-WA, combined with a large dedicated truck and rail fleet. 

About Advanced Tire Ballast

Advanced Tire Ballast, located in Enumclaw, WA, has been manufacturing Bio-Tire Ballast for the last 5 years. Bio Tire Ballast replaces calcium chloride, antifreeze, wheel and suitcase weights, sugar beet pulp, and windshield fluids as ballast in all tube and tubeless wheel applications.

Bio Tire Ballast is used for mid-compact and large farm tractors, skid steers, logging equipment, front-end loaders, construction vehicles, snow plows, and anywhere ballast is required to get the job done.

EnviroTech Services, Inc. Announces New Joint Venture in International Mining – EarthTech Dust Suppressants LLC

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest joint venture, EarthTech Dust Suppressants LLC, with Canadian microbial technology company, Earth Alive Clean Technologies. EarthTech will combine ESI’s industry leading and environmentally focused dust control products with the unique microbial technology of Earth Alive. Together, ESI and Earth Alive will be opening an untapped and previously unmet need within the international dust control market. Many international mines, including an industry leader which is already doing business with the newly formed EarthTech, are facing unprecedented regulations in how their operations impact the environment. Notwithstanding  regulations, mining companies are also taking a much more proactive approach to employee safety and health concerns and are starting to become environmental stewards .This, specifically, is true for the methods in which mines are required to manage dust disturbance and treat already affected soils.

By taking ESI’s proprietary formulas and combining Earth Alive’s developed microbial technologies, a truly new suite of products is now available to mines and industrial sites, across the world. In addition to taking advantage of both ESI’s and Earth Alive’s technology, EarthTech will specialize in program based selling that accounts for the myriad nuances and variables encountered at each site. For too long, companies have attempted to apply a ‘one size fits all’ model to the mining and industrial dust control market. This is infeasible, given the widely varying factors such as, climate, average temperature, aggregate composition, elevation, and relative humidity. EarthTech will have dedicated personnel traveling to the various sites around the world to assess, consult, and guide the program best suited for each site.

In addition to technology and customization, ESI’s long experience in supply chain and logistics will be a key component of how EarthTech services this large and emerging market. Because supply chain is so critical to successful delivery and cost management, EarthTech is well positioned to become an industry leader and trusted partner with these large and diverse customers. Currently, EarthTech is focusing on opportunities in South America, North America, Europe, and the Pac Rim.

By partnering with Earth Alive Clean Technologies, ESI has joined with an industry leader in microbial technologies, which is a critical component of meeting the requirements of emerging international standards and regulations.  Microbial technology is the application of microbe based compounds used to clean soils by naturally consuming harmful elements. Earth Alive’s formulations range from cleaning, water and soil decontamination, insect and disease control, and more.

Both companies are excited about the partnership and anticipate EarthTech becoming an industry leader in its own right.

For more information on EarthTech will be available online shortly. In meantime, please contact EnviroTech Services, Inc. for more information.

EnviroTech Services Opens New Facility in Randolph, Minnesota

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of a new facility in Randolph, MN. This facility will complement the Mt. Iron facility in Northern Minnesota and will serve as a blending and storage facility to supply road treatment products throughout the state.

The Randolph plant will be the new headquarters for Administration and Trucking Operations that were previously located in Savage, in Scott County. EnviroTech chose the Randolph site because of its proximity to EnviroTech Services’ customers in the southern half of Minnesota, as well as Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa. The Randolph plant is situated on a 10-acre site that includes 3,000 square feet of office space and a 4,400 square foot truck shop, with room for continued expansion. The Randolph facility employs ten people.

The new Randolph site supplies storage for the full suite of ESI products for both dust control and deicing operations. This location can store 20,000 tons of liquid, ensuring adequate product availability. The new Randolph site also can load up to 40 trucks per day and features a private rail siding, with the ability to offload 11 rail cars at a time. EnviroTech partnered with Progressive Rail to run the product in and out of that site to help service the dust control market when the site was first established and continues to work closely with Progressive to provide high-quality service to customers.

The facility began its first phase of operations in 2009 and was fully operational as of November 5, 2012.

For more information about EnviroTech Services’ and the Midwest operation, please visit our website at www.envirotechservices.com or call 800-881-5848.

durablend™ Showcased in World Ag Expo’s Top-10 New Products for 2012

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is proud to announce its product durablend™ has been included in the World Ag Expo’s Top-10 New Product competition for 2012. Over 1,800 products are submitted for entry and it’s an honor to be a finalist. Winners will be showcased February 14 – 16 during the 45th World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

This remains the world’s largest annual agriculture exposition occupying 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space and attracts over 50,000 attendees from all over the world. (more…)