Introducing BaseBind®, EnviroTech’s newest soil stabilization and dust control product. BaseBind® can be mixed into a variety of road bases, including recycled asphalt, or applied topically depending on the goals of the application.BaseBind® was developed by ESI’s R&D lab to address how the benefits of lignosulfonate could be replicated without being solely reliant on the diminishing supply sources, and the other disadvantages of working with the highly viscous product. Like any properly developed product, EnviroTech spent extensive time and resources testing BaseBind® to ensure its performance and veracity. BaseBind® compliments ESI’s Compact & Cap™ program, a custom approach to optimizing road maintenance performance.Whether extending the life of a road, managing a construction project, or maintaining a drilling pad, BaseBind® can be tailored to meet your needs. Please download the brochure and contact us to learn more about how BaseBind® can serve your needs.