Intrepid Potash

In the early 2000’s, EnviroTech was contacted by Intrepid, operating out of Western Utah, to handle magnesium chloride. At the time, neither ESI nor Intrepid could have foreseen that this was the beginning of a partnership that would become the largest source of magnesium chloride for road solutions in the United States. It was when Intrepid Potash sought to acquire and refurbish a plant for sulfated potash in Wendover, UT, that the partnership took its current form.

Magnesium chloride is a natural and necessary byproduct in the production of potash, so Intrepid would need more than a distributor. They would need a long term partner they could rely on to handle this important aspect of their business. At the same time, ESI was developing more and more of its own proprietary product formulations for treating roads, and also needed a reliable partner. It was this meeting of minds that has allowed for such a powerful partnership to flourish in the last decade. At this point, both companies are essential to the operation and success of the other, and look forward to continued success.